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Onderbroeks Masks


  • SOLD INDIVIDUALLY / pictures show side a & side b of mask

mask update

the cdc has updated their recommendations for the use of face masks to be multiple layered and well fitted (secure fit over your nose, mouth, and under your chin).

our masks continue to feature two layers of high quality 100% cotton fabric, a pocket for a replaceable filter* (some suggestions we’ve seen: a coffee filter, a paper towel folded, a dried baby wipe), and a bendable wire that curves to the nose to help form a secure fit. there should be no gaping & you should not have to touch or adjust your mask once it’s on. if you do, finding a mask that fits better is best.

*we are keeping an eye on research for polypropylene as a filter material. this material is now in high demand since the update. depending on its source & how its manufactured, some may be harmful to breathe in while wearing your mask.



these masks are not intended to replace medical masks, when available, but our hope is that they will help protect healthcare workers who are lacking PPE, as well as provide an option for non-healthcare workers that won’t reduce the availability or medical masks for those who need them most.

about these masks

  • masks measure approximately 3-3.5” high (7” when expanded) x 6.5-6.75” long with pleats to allow for expansion around the face.

  • just like everything else we produce, every mask is made from high-quality, sustainable fabric. we have thoughtfully sourced beautiful cotton from shops in ontario to do our part in supporting small businesses through this time of uncertainty.

  • these masks are reversible, reusable and washable. please consult CDC guidelines for proper use and washing.

  • every mask features two layers of fabric, a pocket for a replaceable filter (you can use a coffee filter, a furnace filter, or another filter cut to size), and a bendable wire that curves to the nose to help form a secure fit.

  • produced locally in kingston, ontario. by purchasing a mask, you are supporting a small business, your local economy, and our heroic healthcare workers. we are so grateful for your support.

important health information

please note, a cloth mask does not prevent you from getting covid-19. but if used properly, can be an effective complement to hand washing, social distancing and other mitigation measures. please follow this CDC sequence for putting on and removing your mask safely.